Numax SFR3490 34-Degree Clipped Head Framing Nailer

Introduction: No doubt about it that pneumatic framing nailer is mostly needed equipment for any home infrastructure site. A skilled carpenter always provides value towards the best framing nailer, having specifications like proper safety, lightweight, easy maintenance, durability, economical price, etc. If you are in search of best framing nailer, then our article should never go beyond your attention. So, be with us and satisfy your hunger.

The NUMAX SFR3490 34-Degree clipped head pneumatic framing nailer is designed to maintain any task including furniture making, remolding, roof decking, framing, pallet assembly, fencing, and truss work. It serves with efficient power and speed. This framing nail gun belongs to a durable metal body, which enables internal tools free from any significant damages.

Technical details: –

Part Numbers: SFR3490

Item Weight: 9.24 pounds

Product Dimensions: 20* 6.5* 14.2 inches

Material: Metal

Power source: Air Compressor

Included Components: Bare tools

Batteries required: No

Speed: 12-85 SCFM with 100 fasteners per minute @ 90 PSI

Air Inlet: ¼ ‘’ NPT

Magazine capacity: 55 fasteners, 10-12 gauges

Maximum Pressure: 115 PSI

Pressure Range: 70 PSI-115 PSI

Pin size range: 2’’- 3-1/2’’

Numax SFR3490

Features: –

  • Designed for all brands for of paper collated 34-degree clipped head framing nail with 10-12 gauges and range from 2’’ to 3-1/2’’.
  • 360-degree exhaust enables users to direct air away from debris.
  • Dual mode trigger provides single or sequential fire.
  • One-piece driver blade is used for long lasting durability.
  • Lightweight magnesium body prolongs tools popularity for longtime use
  • Natural depth adjustable facility improves work quantity.
  • Anti-dry fire feature reduces any internal tool damages.
  • Non-marring contact tip saves work surface from any damages.

 Pros: –   

  • No misfire occurs during heavy work.
  • Depth can be adjusted easily by a threaded nut.
  • The magazine can be loaded quickly.
  • Rubber coated grip handle increase comfort and control.
  • Anti-dust cap and internal air filter keep internal tools clean.

Cons: –

  • Nail bents sometimes.

Solution: Firstly, test the air pressure and drive a fastener to check accuracy. Never exceed pressure more than 120 PSI.

  • Sometimes nail shooting is stooped.

Solution: – It is because of high pressure. So please adjust your air pressure as it is mentioned before.

 Frequently Asked Questions: –

  • Is it Possible to change the angle of clipped head framing nail?
  • Is this framing nailer, battery nail gun or air nail gun?
  • Does this air nail gun belong any case?
  • Does this air nailer misfire?
  • Does this pneumatic nailer support coil for fencing?

Conclusion: – Evaluating all features we can quickly figure out a conclusive decision, which refers NUMAX SFR3490 34-Degree Clipped Head Pneumatic framing nailer as one of the best framing nailers. And Toolsclubs represents this tool wisely.

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