What to Buy: Top 10 Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

What to Buy: Top 10 Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

For most men, the initial growth of a beard signals one’s entry into manhood. It is often an exciting phase especially for those teenage boys who are rushing into adulthood. Women swoon over the masculinity of the man beard, or stubbles to say the least. But it does take quite an effort to maintain this “manly locks.”

Whether you are rocking a sleek lady’s man stubble or you want to keep it neat and clean, the almost daily task of shaving your facial hair can be a challenge for those who have sensitive skin. Redness, bumps and breakouts can make you look less of a dashing debonair.

You might be asking:
“What is the best men’s razor for sensitive skin?”

We have listed the best products in the market that are specifically designed to help you achieve a sleek finish whilst being nice to your skin.

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1. Edwin Jagger DE89

With its affordable price, the Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor is perfect for those who are just beginning to shave! Its classic and sleek ergonomic design also makes this traditional three-piece blade a trusted razor by experts alike.

For those who are new to wet shaving the Edwin Jagger is highly recommended. If you are still in the learning curve and don’t know how to handle a razor, we encourage you to try out this sleek number.
Our product rating: 8.5/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/Edwin-Jagger-DE89Lbl-Detail-Chrome/dp/B002RBF1PO

Product specs:

The Edwin Jagger DE 89 is equipped with the latest precision manufactured Edwin Jagger DE razor blade. The weight of the shaver from the head to the base is balanced, allowing a close shave, even for beginners.

The head of this shaver is covered with a 3-piece scalloped close bomb. This mechanism allows the hair to be aligned neatly between the blades before cutting them off.


1. The design and mechanism of the shaver’s head prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs. With the hair neatly lined up the blades, it doesn’t create any type of abrasion to the skin once it is cut off.

2. The 67 g weight is also evenly distributed from the head to the handle, making it easier to manipulate even for the beginners.


1. Unless you are getting the chrome-lined design, the Edwin Jagger is ideal for use with dry hands. Since the handle isn’t lined, some might find it a challenge to maintain a good grip.

What we like about the product

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is perfect for beginners who are new to wet shaving. It is easy to manipulate and gives a close shave without hurting your sensitive skin. Even if you are a newbie and with shaky hands, the Edward Jagger will still give you that clean shave sans the cuts and the nicks.

We also love that it comes in a variety of exquisite colors!

2. Feather, Model AS-D2

The Feather All Stainless Steel double edge razor ( Model AS-D2) is one of the premium shaving tools in the market today. If you are looking for superb performance and don’t mind the hefty price tag that comes with it, this Feather model is for you.

A bit on the expensive side, this stainless steel Feather model belongs to the more advanced category of shaving tools in the market today. In terms of durability, elegance, function and value for money, we are giving this Feather model a 9.8/10.

Some may cringe at the idea of spending more on a shaver, but if you want to indulge in the ultimate shaving experience, this product is worth a try!

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004E5GV82

Product specs:

Often dubbed as the cream of the crop of the DE razor blades, this stainless steel Feather model is equipped with plates that are more durable than its contemporaries.

All stainless from the head to the handle

Has a classical matte finish

It is packaged in a sophisticated red box and makes a perfect gift
Includes 5 Feather sharp blades
Has a knurled handle with a size suitable for most


1. The Feather All Stainless Steel is the king of the hills when it comes to durability. Its superior DE blades are more resistant to rust and corrosion, saving you more money in the long run.

2. The superior technology is evident from the blades to the handle’s elegant matte finish.


1. It costs a bit more than other safety razors.

2. Since the Feather all stainless steel is considered to be a bit more on the mild side, a greater angle of use is needed to ensure supreme performance.

What we like about the product

This sultry number may be more expensive than your regular razors off the rack, but it promises an ultimate shaving experience.

The handle lends a comfortable grip and the size is suitable for most (not for those with exceptionally large hands!)

We also love the cutting edge technology used in manufacturing the plates. The blades are made from surgical grade materials and are expected to last for the long haul.

From the blade to the handles, this exquisite Feather model promises an indulgent and clean shave without hurting your skin. It is even considered as one of the best razors for sensitive skin in the international market.

3. MERKUR Double Edge

If you are in a bit of a hurry and would want to get a closer shave with just a single pass, then you might want to consider MERKUR double Edge Safety Razor.

The MERKUR Double Edge is not for the faint of heart nor it is for the novice. Experts recommend this product to those who know their way around safety shavers.

Be ready to shed a few more bucks for this aggressive tool. But if you are looking for a more adventurous shaving experience with the closest cut, this one is worth checking.

Our product rating: 7.5/9
Product url: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002CLDUZM

Product specs:

MERKUR Slanted is a two-piece design that consists of a base plate and a handle.

Has an angled/ slanted blade guard that makes it possible to have the closest shave with a single pass

The handles have a knurled design with grooves spiraling downward for a better grip
A relatively short razor with a length of 3 inches from the head to the handle

Chrome plated finish


1. The slanted blade is perfect for those who want a more aggressive and closest to the skin shave with just a single pass. It is ideal for shavers who know their way around safety razors.

2. The slanted plates can mow down even the thickest and toughest beards without hurting the skin

3. Its two-piece system makes it easier to change the blades


1. Not recommended for beginners. The MERKUR Slanted safety razor is an aggressive shaver that requires expertise on wet shaving.
2. More expensive!

What we like about the product

The MERKUR Slanted safety razor is perfect for the man on the go. It can provide a closer shave with just a single mow. Experienced individuals can even use the MERKUR for shaving against the grain without compromising your skin.

It’s amazing how n aggressive shaver such as this can still be gentle on your sensitive skin!

4. MERKUR Classic 2- Piece
The MERKUR 2 piece classic is built for bigger men (with bigger hands that is!). With its weight of about 120 grams, it is considered one of the heaviest safety razors in the market.

Those who are new to shaving need not be intimated with this heavy duty chrome plated razor, in fact, the MERKUR 2 piece Classic can be used by beginners! This heavy duty number is famous in the market for its affordability and precise shaving experience.

Our product rating: 7/9
Product url: https://amazon.com/MERKUR-Classic-2-Piece-Double-Safety/dp/B002RBGYXW

Product specs:

Chrome plated finish.

Equipped with a closed comb, straight bar head design perfect for beginners

Has a knurled grip handle for a more comfortable hold for wet shaving
Handle length is relatively long at 3.75 inches

Compatible with inexpensive recyclable double edge razor blades
Has the heaviest razor options from MERKUR


1. The Classic MERKUR 2 piece safety razor promises a clean and close shave sans the irritation. With its heavy weight, you need to use just a light amount of pressure and allow the weight of the shaver to work for you.

2. The blades can be replaced with inexpensive double edge razor blades, making it one of the most affordable shavers for sensitive skin.

3. Men with bigger hands will find this tool a lovely addition to their vanity kit! The length of the handles is perfect for men of bigger stature.


1. Not for everyone.
With its long handles, shorter men might have a challenge getting good control over the shaver.

What we like about the product

We love the fact that even with its heavy duty weight, it is friendly for beginners! All it needs is a light pressure and you’d be getting a closer shave without any skin irritation.

It’s also perfect for any face shape and can mow down thick beards with ease!

We also love the idea that it is compatible with inexpensive blades. That’s more money for your buck!

5. MERKUR Progress Adjustable

The MERKUR Progress is a two-piece double edge safety razor that is equipped with an adjustment knob at its handles. This ingenious feature allows you to fine-tune the closeness of the shave to your heart’s desire.

This adjustable two-piece safety razor is quite affordable! You can use it with inexpensive double edge razor plates bought off the rack.
Our product rating: 8.5/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/MERKUR-Progress-Adjustable-2-Piece-Double/dp/B004NAEP61

Product specs:

Equipped with an adjustable knob up to five settings.

You can choose from two variants, long handles (approximately 4.14 inches) and standard ones ( 3.35 inches)
Chrome finish


1. If you want to switch between aggressive and mild shaving, this one is a great product for you! The adjustable knob allows you to fine tune the closeness of the shave to your heart’s content.

2. It has a classic and sturdy design that can last for years

3. Affordable and it is compatible with cheaper double edge razor blades

4. Available in two variants (long and short handles)


1. This product is not recommended for beginners

2. The handles are slippery and it is challenging to get a good control especially for novices

What we like about the product

What we like about MERKUR Progress Adjustable is you have options if you want a mild or a more aggressive shave. If your neck is quite sensitive, you can easily dial down to a milder knob and still get the same neat and close finish.

It also works great for men of long or short stature. You can choose between two versions and still get a comfortable grip!

6. Braun Electric Shaver Series 7

Are you tired of having to manually mow down your facial hair? Then an electric shaver should do the trick!

The Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 lets you have the convenience of an electric shaver whilst still having control of the intensity of the shave. This BRAUN model is specially designed to cut off more hair with fewer strokes. Fewer strokes mean less abrasion on your skin, perfect for those with sensitive skin!

If you want to purchase the BRAUN Electric shaver series 7, be ready to spend a few more dollars. It’s more expensive than other electric shavers but it will definitely save you a lot of time.
Our product rating: 9.5/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/Braun-790cc-4-Electric-Shaver-Station/dp/B003YJAZZ4

Product specs:

The BRAUN Electric Shaver series 7 is waterproof and has a cleaning and charging system. It is perfect for those who are too lazy to clean up .

The series 7 is equipped with intelligent sonic technology. The 10,000 micro vibrations produced per minute allow a faster, closer and less abrasive shave.

It has five turbo modes that allow you to adjust the intensity

Get more hair trimmed conveniently off with its 50 -minute cordless shaving system

Enjoy the convenience of shaving any areas of your face with Braun 7’s Precision Head


1. You can get a closer and sleeker finish while having lesser skin contact with the unique sonic technology of the Braun Series 7. The micro vibrations lift the hair making way for a faster and gentler shaving experience.

2. Its additional turbo setting is also perfect for those who have very thick facial hair!

3. You can shave with ease and convenience at the same time with the self-cleaning system of the BRAUN series! The foiled head will clean itself with just a touch of a button


1. With greater convenience comes a higher price tag. Get ready to shed off a few more dollars if you want to experience the advanced sonic technology of this BRAUN Electric Shaver Series 7.

What we like about the product

With the five turbo settings, you can control the intensity of the shave every single time with just a touch of a button! Its sophisticated sonic technology allows for a close finish with less skin contact.

You can get a clean and close shave half the time. It can trim down even the thickest beards as well!

7. Schick Hydro 5Sensitive Razor

The Schick Hyrdo 5 Razor may give your regular shaver a run for its money. I f you have sensitive skin, this sleek number is worth a try.
The 5-blade action ensures a closer shave. Each blade is equipped with a lubricating strip designed to act as a skin guard to prevent irritation. With its self- lubricating system, the Schick Hydro still comes at an awesomely affordable price tag!

Our product rating: 9.5/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/Schick-Hydro-Sensitive-Trimmer-Refills/dp/B00GR0E19Q?th =

Product specs:

Equipped with a Hydrating Gel reservoir that protects the skin up to 40 % more than your regular shaver with a lube strip

Manufactured with 5 ultra glide blades with skin guards

One of the few Dermatologically tested razors suitable for sensitive skin

Has an ergonomically designed handle
Has an accessible flip trimmer for hard to reach spots

1. If you have tried several razors designed for sensitive skin but still find these products failing you, the Schick 5 may be your best bet.

2. Its unique self-hydrating system will give you a close shave with lesser friction. Each blade is equipped with a skin guard that prevents friction up to 40 percent more than other razors. We all know what friction can do to your sensitive skin.

3. It hydrates your skin after every single shave!

4. The shaver is quite easy to handle and manipulate. Its sleek ergonomically designed soft to touch rubber handles ensures a good grip. You’d definitely fall in love with your first shaving experience!

Now,what is there to not like about it?


1. A unique patented design will always come with a good hefty price.

What we like about the product

The Schick 5 Hydro is one of a kind. We love the supreme hydrating technology! The manufacturers really took time to take a look into each piece. From the blades to the hydrating reservoir, it is a heaven sent for those with sensitive skin!

It is also the only safety razor in the market that features a flip trimmer. You don’t need to get a good angle to shave those difficult spots. With just one flip, five blades open up and you are ready to mow down!

8. Vikings Blade Vulcan

Living up to its namesake, the Viking Vulcan blade is one mighty razor, in terms of the weight and handle! Heavy duty, equipped with a longer handle and twist to open butterfly razor, it is a promising addition to your vanity kit.

Vulcan blade is another impressive safety razor from Vikings. Heavy duty and beautifully chrome plated, it will definitely offer a luxurious shaving experience.

Our product rating: 9.7/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0746DLLH1

Product specs:

The Vulcan head is manufactured with a cut minimizing technology enabling a five-second blade change

Equipped with butterfly opening for easy plate replacement

Chrome plated long handles

Has a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects
Comes with Swedish Platinum super blades


1. The weight is evenly distributed for better grasp and manipulation

2. Compatible with several safety plates put in the market

3. Has long handles with knurled design for better grip
4. Comes with a beautiful lush box


1. Even with the durable and heavy-duty razor, the butterfly open design is susceptible to damage

What we like about the product

The Vikings Vulcan blade does come with a heavier tag. What we like about it is that it can accommodate several types of plates, even the budget-friendly plates. You still get the same close and clean shave with a cheap blade! And oh! It doesn’t cause any skin irritation even with three passes.

We also love the beautiful chrome plated handle that has been etched with the letter V. That’s also one way of knowing that you are getting the original! It also comes in a beautiful leatherette or Alcantara case, making it a perfect gift !

9. Schick Hydro 5 Razor

Schick Hydro 5 is not like any other shaver! It moisturizes your face with every shave, making it one of the best safety razor for sensitive skin. The 5 Ultra Glide blades have an embedded skin guard that allows closer contact sans the friction. Its Hydrating gel reservoir releases soothing aloe after each cut! That should take care of your after shave routine as well!
Our product rating: 10/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0746DLLH1

Product specs:

Has 5 Ultra Glide blades equipped with skin guard

Has a patented self-lubricating system and Hydrating gel reservoir with aloe

The only shaver with an adjustable flip trimmer for hard to reach areas


1. The skin guard on the blades allows for double points contact for a closer shave without irritating the skin

2. The hydrating reservoir is loaded with aloe and vitamin E for a soothing effect during shaving.

3. The ergonomic handle and flip trimmer allow for a more comfortable shaving experience. Beginners don’t need to go through a learning curve to mow down those hard to reach areas especially the neck.


1. It does come with a cost!

What we like about the product

What we like about Schick hydro is that even beginners can experience a closer and sleeker finish even on the first shave! The skin guards on each blade make it possible to mow down the last inch of hair without any irritation or abrasion.

We also love that it has a self -hydrating system that is filled with aloe and Vitamin E! That is actually one thing that we’d love all safety razors to have! You are moisturizing and shaving at the same time!

10. Gillette Mach 3 sensitive

When the Mach 3 was introduced in the late ‘90s, it was already a superstar. The birth of Mach’s sensitive cartridges makes this brand a one of the most sought after safety razors for sensitive skin until today

It’s pretty easy on the pocket too!
Our product rating: 9.8/10

Product url: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001JQLNH8

Product specs:

Has micro fins to stretch skin allowing more hair removal
Blades are easy to rinse and clean with its open architecture system
Equipped with lubrication strips that lasts longer than your usual shaver
Has three progressively aligned blades


1. Mach 3’s cartridge is heaven sent to those battling with bumps and irritation.

2. The progressive three blades ensure a smoother finish even for the novice. Anyone would love how these babies work as the plates have a pressure control system that easily conforms to any skin type.

3. Forget the lubricating strips on your old shaver! The Lubrastrips are aloe infused and last longer, keeping your skin moisturized and irritation free.


1. The blades aren’t designed for daily use as it wears off easily.

What we like about the product

The Mach 3 Sensitive does live up to its name! We love how you can get a clean shave with an easy glide of the blades!

Our favorite feature is the Micro-fin skin guard. It gives off a smoothening effect so you can get that close shave effortlessly without the nicks and bumps.

Things to Look Out for Before Purchasing the best safety razor for Sensitive Skin

Investing in a good quality shaving tool is probably one of the best decisions that you could ever make. It could save you a lot of time and save your skin from all the facial mishap.

So what are we looking for in a good quality razor?
1. The number of blades

There is power in numbers indeed, the same goes with the blades of your shaver or not. If you are leaning towards a more clean and crisp shave, always go for ones that have more blades.

2. Find razors that move with you. Yes, you heard it right, there is such a thing as flexible razors. To prevent nick and cuts, it should have the capacity to move with you. A stationary one would definitely hurt your skin.
The next time you buy your shavers, always check the packet for the word flexible blades. Blades that are designed to move with you, so to speak, would result in a sleeker and smoother finish, sans the blemishes.

3. Look for the lube strips. If your shaver is lacking this, chances are these are the cheap ones. A good bet is to buy those that are equipped with this tiny lubricating strip.

The lube strip protects your skin from cuts as it provides lubrication for your skin. Remember, if there is no strip, it ain’t going to give you a good shave!
4. How to “handle” it

Look for shavers that have a non-slip handle design and comfortable grip. For some, the handle would be the least of their concern.
But how else would you be able to shave smoothly if you can’t even hold the razor properly?
Choose a handle size that is right for you. This will make your shaving experience a better one.

5. You get what you pay for

If you purchased a cheap shaver don’t expect it to give you a stellar finish. As with many things, you get what you buy for. Skimping on your this tool might save you a dollar or two initially, but investing in a good quality one is bound to make your savings for the long haul.

Getting the best safety shaver for sensitive skin

1. Are safety razors recommended for beginners?

The good news is, even novices can experience a sleek shave even on the first attempt. You just have to purchase the right type of safety razor. Some shavers are heavy duty and provide aggressive shaving.

These types of shavers are for the more experienced ones. Try this number on your first try and you’d end up in a bloody disaster. Shavers in this category require a certain learning curve.

Fret not, there are safety razors that are recommended for beginners like you! Go for razors that offer a lesser aggressive shave. You can also opt to purchase those with adjustable knobs, where you can control the intensity of each shave.

2. Money seems to be an issue with double edge safety razors, are there any affordable ones in the market that are suitable for sensitive skin?

Most safety razors do come with a bit of a tag on it.

But here’s the good news, some razors are indeed compatible with affordable plates. You don’t need to purchase high-end blades every time it gets dull. You can still get the same close yet gentle shave while being nice to your pocket!

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