Tips for buying cheap nail polishes
If you are looking for perfect nail polish for you, in this selection you will find detailed information. Different prices, brands, finishes, and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.


A product of the Color Show range, from the well-known Maybelline brand. This nail polish is an intense black color. Its new formula has been developed in such a way that a transparent and flexible base is combined with the pigments to capture the light and reflect it. In this way, the last tone has a color finish full of brightness.

This nail polish has a broad capacity brush for smoothing to achieve the best application without cracks and to ensure its high gloss finish. This is particularly useful if you don’t have the habit of painting your nails since it is more comfortable and more relaxed to get the application of the enamel is well distributed. This product stands out for its incredible price since it is the cheapest of our selection. Although a second application of the polish is recommended to achieve a better finish, its price is still very competitive.


Resistant nail polish from the prestigious L’Oréal Paris brand. This product stands out because in addition to painting the nails it offers a gloss finish in the same pass. This is perfect to save yourself having to use shine after applying the enamel. The color of this product is a classic red tone of high intensity, but that is not too flashy. Also, L’Oréal ensures that its gloss finish and enameling lasts up to 10 days.

This enamel has a patented brush that makes the application of polish easier and avoids imperfections in the final finish. This product has an average price, although its duration is longer since a single pass is enough to achieve a perfect result. If we also take into account that it includes the brilliant finish in the same product, it results in a nail polish of an excellent quality-price ratio. Furthermore, L’Oréal Paris offers the security of its long history as a brand dedicated to cosmetics.

Nail polish with an attractive coral color. This Essie brand product provides high-quality coverage. It is a durable and durable enamel, which remains on the nails for 7 to 10 days. Perfect for those whose polishes are damaged from the first day of its application. This product stands out because it does not carry acetone in its composition. Instead, it has a formula with gel texture to achieve the same results but without the strong smell of acetone.

This product has a brush specially designed to facilitate the application of enamel. Besides, this brush allows maximum rush on the edges avoiding painting outside the nails. We are facing an article of medium price that offers long duration, so it spreads a lot. Do not forget, also, the added value of this enamel in which acetone has been removed from its composition.
This product offers a lovely color in Burgundy red tone. Besides, it provides a great shiny finish. It is an ideal combination to give your nails a modern and mysterious look, while not being too flashy.
This enamel also stands out for its long duration since a correct application of this product can last up to 2 weeks. Also, it is a durable enamel that lasts for a long time without showing imperfections or chipping. It is, therefore, a perfect product for those who do not have time or for those who dislike devoting a lot of time to nail care. The price of this product of the Depend
brand is similar to that of many other enamels of same size and characteristics. However, if we take into account its longer duration, its content spreads more than that of different enamels.

Full product of L’Oréal Paris, pastel pink. This long-lasting polish stays on the nails for up to 12 days. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the same container contains, on the one hand, the enamel and, on the other, a brilliant fixative. It can be used only at the end of the polish and just give that application. If desired, you can go to a second step in which the fixative is applied, contained in the other end of the bottle. This latter application will be the one that gives shine, duration and resistance to your permanent nail polish. Therefore, it is a complete product, but it also requires more to invest more time to achieve better results.
This enamel has an interesting gel effect finish that gives an exquisite touch to your nails. The second application with the fixing product enhances this effect, resulting in an intense and bright color. This product has a good quality-price if we also take into account that in the same bottle, we have two products.
Before buying a cheap nail polish you have to take into account some details to be able to choose the product more in line with what we are looking for, the first thing to decide is the color we want for our enamel. This depends both on the personal taste and the effect it has applied to our nails. In this sense, the market offers a multitude of colors with very different tonalities for each one. We will have to assess how is the color that we like most in combination with the tone of our skin. In this same sense, if we want to take care of the appearance of colors, we must also take into account if the color of our enamel matches the style and color of the clothes we are going to use. And the last question related to color is to keep in mind when choosing it that there is a small margin between the tone that is shown to us and how it looks after.

On the other hand. It is essential to pay contemplation to the duration that the manufacturer claims to have enamel. If we acquire a long-lasting product, it is clear that the bottle will last us longer. It will also be necessary to consider that the cheapest enamels usually require two applications to achieve the best result. However, some people do not want polish to last long because they like to change color every so often. If it is your case, it will be more advisable that you look at other aspects of the enamel.
Another detail to keep in mind relates to the use of glitters or fixers. There are enamels whose effects are enhanced with the use of brightness. Other polishes require a help of some type of fixer to remain without chips for a longer time. In this regard, we must assess some current products that have brightness included in the composition of the enamel. They are great if we want to save time since the same application consists of both products. Likewise, if we do not like the glossy effect, it will be necessary to take it into account to discard the enamels that include the gloss in its final finish. There is also a product that has a double bottle in which the application of brightness is optional. It is efficient that it is all in the same container, although if we do not use light, it is a factor that can leave us indifferent.

Finally, it is advisable to find brushes that are easy to apply. Also, there are some that are special so that the enamel is smooth or so that the application can be maximized without exceeding the surface of the nail. This is especially suitable for those who do not have the habit of painting their nails or for those who want to be able to do it more comfortably. Although if you already have experience, it will be better to prioritize other aspects of enamel that are more important to you.

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