The Best OWB Holster For Concealed Carry – Reviews-2019

The Israeli firm IMI Holster proposes a product designed for those who reject the idea of carrying the weapon holstered. There are several reasons for this, and not all are logical. One of them is to try to reduce the minimum volume that the sleeve would occupy. Best concealed carry holster can protect your handgun safely.

Carrying a weapon without a holster, usually inside the pants, is not without risks.

Without a handgun holster, it is difficult to keep the weapon firmly anchored in the chosen place. Neither does it allow a consistent and quick grip in case of need. Besides, you have the problem of your safety or that of third parties. As the area of the trigger guard is not covered. Any hooking or involuntary movement of the trigger can cause a serious incident. That can end the life of the person who carries the weapon in those circumstances.

Quick Comparison Chart Of The Best OWB Holster For Concealment

Sleeve To Carry Weapons

The solution used by many is to carry the weapon in Condition 3. This slows down the process of presenting the gun in a situation of self-defense.

Besides, it makes it quite painful if you are at a distance from physical contact with your attacker. Therefore, you will need both hands to put your weapon into service.

Conceal Carry Holster

The product in question offered by IMI. In this case, is not a case in itself, even if it is called like that? This is the ICH Holster CCH or Conceal Carry Holster (concealed carrying case).

The CCH is a clamp to attach to the waist with a small soft plastic stem. This is introduced inside the barrel by the mouth of fire with the intention. This is to prevent it from sliding into the inside of the pants.

A widening of its structure is responsible for protecting the trigger area, at least on the outside. On the other hand, the body of the shooter remains unprotected. Wholly made of polymer and soft plastic, it weighs only 50 grams. Does not increase the total volume of the set and its price as well as its benefits are very contained. Of course, it adapts to almost any short weapon.

1. So much Comfortable.
2. Doesn’t require any belt to wire.
3. You can carry different guns for any situation.
4. You can wear sweatpants, under your dress, skirts, what else you know.

1. Small pocket pistols may which remain so deep in the holster.
2. When you carry a small pocket size pistol. It’s hard to get your hand on it to draw.

Trigger Guard Holster Protectors

When you are aware of the dangers of walking with the trigger unprotected. And the need to carry the gun in a condition that allows immediate firing. Some manufacturers offer small trigger protectors made of polymer.

With them, the weapon is carried under the pants without a harness. It will resist the pressure that your belt will make. The protector acts as a clamp, adapting to the contour of the weapon’s granda montes. And making any voluntary or unfortunate incident on the trigger impossible. These are not universal, but, like all hidden polymer covers, are specific to a specific weapon.

To allow access to the trigger, the protector. Not to be called a cover, must be attached to the belt. Or a trouser loop through a Para cord type cord.

1. It’s a simple & effective concealment tool.
2. It provides the safe way conceal and carries a loaded firearm.
3. The hostler snaps away to ready the weapon when the pistol is drawn.
4. It won’t damage ladies purse or bag.
5. The USA makes it.
6. High-quality building quality you would love it.

1. The Glock 26 model doesn’t fit snug and makes noise.
2. Glock 17, as well as 19 restraint models, have lousy customer satisfaction.

Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster

In holster field, Alien is one of the most popular gears out there.

The process is more natural than you think. When the shooter pulls the weapon, the clip that is attached to the pants will easily detach from the trigger guard. The shooter can use the gun. Then the clip will be suspended by the outside of the pants without losing it.

1. It comes best in the class of comfort.
2. The fabric is covering the edges for more significant support.
3. The core is made of thin layers.
4. Retention is adjustable.
5. This product proudly made in the USA.

1. The eagle mk2 doesn’t fit.
2. Sometimes screw comes out after a week.

1791 GUNLEATHER 1911 Holster

This product is for that person who wants the leather product. But doesn’t want to pay the high price. The leather which makes up this holster as too much high quality. But it has hugs curse of your firearm for excellent retention.
This is not for them who wants an open holster. Other than the maintenance of that leather will need is the durability of the stitch. This is suitable for small guns like S&W Shield or a Ruger Lc9.


1. Ideal for anyone to concealed carry needs.
2. American Steer hides leather provides maximum comfort.
3. Best quality in this price.
4. Any profession person will feel enjoy to have this.


1. Too much tight fit. Hard to move quickly with it.
2. Does not fit the models what it claims.

Galco Combat Master

A product that ensures perfect fitting and comfort. With premium saddle leather, double-stitched and hand modified with excellent build quality. It’s an open design which offers fast draw & presentation. It was made for semi-automatic guns and double action revolvers.


1. Very high quality builds.
2. Full slide/barrel coverage.
3. Hand molded for excellence retention.
4. Double stitched for more durability.
5. Traditional package design.
6. Made in the USA.


1. Too tight.

Security when you carry a firearm.

1. As a carrier and user of a gun. You should have the legal and moral duty to use it only under the conditions established by law. Therefore you must know those parameters. Remember that ignorance of the law is not an exemption from liability.

2. If you carry a firearm for your defense. You have to be aware of the immense responsibility that this entails. Know the legislation about the use of weapons; have taken defensive courses with firearms. Have action plans that involve your partner, family members, are part of that responsibility.

3. Being armed is always alert. If you are surprised and subdued by a criminal and draw your weapon. There is a good chance that you will be shot. Remember, armed you are a real and imminent threat to the criminal. You can only use your weapon if you can foresee the situation.

4. If circumstances force you to draw your gun, do so with the decision. Seek coverage and keep your possible attackers at a distance. With this determined attitude, you will rarely have to shoot. In everything almost if the criminal turns his back and leaves, let him go. You solved your problem.

5. Therefore going is very important. Because we must know that even in the case of exercising self-defense. This fact will result in at least one preventive detention and the seizure of the weapon involved in the act.

6. Take a course on the proper handling of firearms and include your family to share that knowledge. Incidents of an accidental shooting are more dangerous than an unskilled shooter.

7. If you decide to carry a weapon. Always take it in an adequate cover, even when you travel in your car. Do not store it in the glove compartment or between your legs and the seat or under the place. A firearm will only be useful if it is within arm’s reach.

8. Do not flaunt your weapon and prevent unknown persons from knowing that you are armed. Do not get involved in public order actions. Let the police carry out their work. A situation where you do not know the participants. Or the reasons can be misleading, and you can take sides with the wrong side.

9. Your weapon is not an amulet. Do not have a false sense of security when armed. While it is true that a firearm can represent a solution and also has excellent dissuasive power. It is also true that a gun, in inexperienced hands, can increase a problem. Staying alert, perceiving the possibility of the occurrence of a problem and avoiding. It is better than drawing and firing.

10. Keep in mind that in a gunfight any person – including you and your family. Maybe injured or killed, so more important than shooting an attacker is not to pull yourself or your family.


I have already seen that the issue of hidden weapons is quite juicy. And I would certainly give to write several more articles. The truth is that there are no magic formulas. And each user must experiment to find the solution that best suits their needs.

In the meantime, I hope I have suggested lines to follow that will shorten and cheapen the process. ALL of us who have worked with firearms ended up with a good “collection” of covers.

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